LM117, 317, 338 and 350 Regulator Resistor Application Chart

While doing research on building my power supplies for my Modular Electronics Control Panel, I decided that I needed to create a chart that would show me what resistor I needed to use to get a certain voltage output out of the LM type regulators. I created such a chart for myself but soon realized that other people might be searching for such a thing so I decided to share it.

In the chart I added an extra optional R3 resistor which will give you more fine tuning options to get a specified voltage output. You will need to connect R2 and R3 together in a series circuit one after the other.

I also tested the charts theory using a LM117 Regulator and some resistors to make sure my chart was correct. The video below shows my results.


Link to Share bit.ly/29csbEK


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