Modular Electronics Control Panel – Build Part 4

In this Modular Electronics Control Panel build update you will see that I mounted the banana plug sockets into place. I used green for the inside terminals and white for the outside terminals to give the control panel some color. I also mounted the potentiometers after 3D printing some special spacers and connected them to the banana plug sockets using some wire and ring terminals. With this type of setup I can easily change or update the front panel or the potentiometers as needed.


In the pictures above you can see the multiple versions of the 3d printed spacers I created. I then used these spacers to mount the potentiometers properly on the front panel. I also had to cut off a bit of the potentiometer dial in order to mount the knobs flush with the panel. I marked them with a marker and then used a hack saw to cut them off.

Here you can see the potentiometers all mounted, and the process of soldering the wires and the ring terminals to the banana plugs and the potentiometers.

After all the soldering was done I used a multimeter to test all the connections. Then I mounted the potentiometer panel to the main front panel and started working on the amp and volt meter mounts. I moved the wires on the amp meter to the front side and then used my 3D printer to print a special bracket, this made it easier to mount the amp meter flush to the variable power supply panel. I created a similar bracket for the volt meter as well.


Once the brackets were 3D printed for both the Amp meter and the Volt meter I mounted them on the panel.

Now that the majority of the front panel parts are mounted I will now work on the internals of the control panel.


Here is the Video of the Build


To check out the current progress of this build, please check out my Modular Electronics Control Panel build page.

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