Modular Electronics Control Panel – Build Part 3

In Part 3 of my Modular Electronics Control Panel build I cut the design with a laser cutter but after testing some plugs and switches I realized that some more changes were needed. I adjusted some spacing between banana plug sockets, changed my fuse holders from 30mm to 20mm and added some mounting holes for the LED voltage and current meters.

I also made more room on the main top panel and shrunk the power panel as it only needs a switch and an LED power light. This update gave me more room to add some additional mounting points.


This was my original design which was used for testing the layout.


And above is the newest version with a slightly better layout and design.


I also made an introduction video to this project and what it’s all about, check it out below:


To check out the current progress of this build, please check out my Modular Electronics Control Panel build page.

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