Time to Get Organized and Refocus on BartsWorkshop Again

Its been a while since I posted a new blog post on BartsWorkshop.com so I decided to post one today.

So where have I been you ask? Well I’ve been around just been really busy with so many new projects that I’ve been neglecting to post any updates. One thing I noticed is that in order to move forward in any venture you need to organize yourself and focus on what you want to accomplish with an almost obsessive manner. If your just doodling around and not really getting into the things you want to create, then its going to take much more longer to create them.

In the last few months I’ve been visiting the local electronic store every so often and buying extra parts for my projects, but when I get home I was not sorting or organizing what I purchased. Well because of this poor organization I accidentally purchased two voltage modules but I only needed one. With this error I realized that I need to get more organized so I know exactly what I have and what I need.  Also being more organized will give me more time for my projects and creating blog posts as I won’t be looking for parts that I think I have but I don’t or going to the store needlessly.


As you can see in the picture above I took out my capacitors and separated them into little containers and started labeling everything, so I will now know exactly what I have by just looking into my parts container box before I leave for the store.

Now as far as the blog is concerned, I will be focusing my energy more towards Electronics and Warhammer 40K miniatures as these are the two main hobbies I want to expand on.

I have some great ideas on future projects and some big changes to the blog so stay tuned as its gonna get really awesome around here.


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