New Mega Project: Modular Electronics Control Panel

My new mega project is my Modular Electronics Control Panel. What is it you ask?

The Modular Electronics Control Panel is an electronics hobbyist’s best friend! It has meters, potentiometers, preset voltage outputs, variable voltage and current output, a breadboard, a resister selection board and even room for an Arduino Uno.

It is packed with the basic things you need to work on your electronic circuits, whether it be measuring voltage, resistance or current, picking the right resistor, feeding a selected voltage to a circuit or picking the right potentiometer for your project.

The best part of the control panel is that its modular, which means you can take out and put in other modules or even replace them with new modules so its always upgradable. This control panel is going to make my circuit testing and design a whole lot easier.

Well that’s all I got for now, so stay tuned for more updates on this new Mega Project!

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