Modular Electronics Control Panel – Build Part 1

My Modular Electronics Control Panel build has began!

Once I figured out my dimensions of the enclosure, I used MDF wood put it together. The bottom is made out of 3/4″ MDF, the sides are 1/2″ MDF, and then the front and back will be 1/4″ MDF. Although I do have different sizes of material here they do serve their purpose and this will be talked about later on in the build.

I wanted the front panel to be angled forward a bit just like my Single Output Variable Power Supply, so I cut the sides at 20 degrees and then matched the top and bottom at this angle as well.

During the cutting and building of the enclosure box I didn’t take any pictures with my camera as it was too dusty, so after the dust settled I screwed together the box and I took a picture for the build.

To check out the current progress of this build, please check out my Modular Electronics Control Panel build page.


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