Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone – Build Part 7

In Part 7 of my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone build, I concentrated on the top deck and layout of the battle field.

I mounted the top deck onto hinges and then laid out the Space Marines, their crashed spaceship and the Tyranids to get a feel of the layout.


At first I thought I would run out of space but after arranging the miniatures it looks very nice.


In this picture you can see the crashed Space Marine spaceship which will get more details painted on later.


Here is another view of the battle field from the Tyranids side, their in a swarm formation ready to attack the Space Marines. On the bottom of  this picture you can also see the screws poking through the deck, but this will not be an issue as these screws will be replaced by bolts with nuts once I have the proper hardware.

Now that I know that everything fits I can move on to the next step. The next step will be to figure out the LED lighting and servos.

To see more updates on this build check out my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone Page

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