Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone – Build Part 6

In Part 6 of the construction of my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone, I went into building the frame for the base that will hold all the electronics and brains for this project.

First I laid down the crashed Space Marine spaceship on a thin piece of wood to figure out what size that I want the deck to be.


Then I cut some lumber into 4 pieces to create a box. The 2 side pieces are 16″ long and the top and bottom are 23″ long.


Then I drilled some pilot holes for my screws using my portable drill.


After that I used a counter sink to make room for my screw heads.


Once all the holes were drilled and counter sunk, I screwed the box together with some wood screws. My box dimensions will be 23″ by 17″


Since this wood is very soft, I laid out my hinges where I wanted them and then used an Exacto knife to cutout the area for the hinges.


As you can see above the hinge now sits below the surface of the frame so it will not interfere with the top deck of my Mini Battlezone.


Now that the hinges are all attached the next step will be attaching the deck.The reason I am adding hinges to the top deck is so I can lift it up during the construction and also for future maintenance.
For the bottom of the box I will use 1/4″ plywood which will be attached later.

To see more updates on this build check out my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone Page
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