Single Output Variable Power Supply – Build Part 7

Part 7 of my Single Output Variable Power Supply build was all about finishing up the final details and labeling the front panel for reference. On the original schematic I only had one LM317 output, but while building the power supply I realized that I needed another one to give me the separate power output with 2 different voltage presets for the Hi and Low fan speed.

On the above schematic you can see the second LM317 circuit, which powers the fan for the main regulator. The fan is to keep the main regulator cool under big load conditions.

I am really happy with the slightly angled face of this power supply enclosure, as its easier to see the voltage gauge.

The size of the power supply is prefect for what I was trying to accomplish, which has enough room for air movement but not too big that it takes up a big portion of you work bench. Inside you can see the wiring is neat and organized.

As you can see above I labeled the front of my power supply for ease of use, so anyone can use it. I never ended up adding in the LED’s for the Hi and Low fan speeds, as I found them redundant to the switch. When you flip the switch between Hi and Low you can hear that the fan speeding up or slowing down so the LED’s are not required. This also alleviated extra wiring and components which makes the project simpler.

The edges of the front top of the enclosure are a bit dented when it fell during the painting and sanding process, but for me its not an issue as I can always redo the front in the future.

Overall I am happy with the completion of this project as I learned a lot about project design, different types of wood, painting, electrical design, material gathering and more.  And the best part is that now I have a completed variable power supply that I can use for other projects! 🙂

To see the complete details on this build check out the Single Output Variable Power Supply page.
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