Single Output Variable Power Supply – Build Part 6

Part 6 of my Single Output Variable Power Supply build, was where I really started having fun as I got into the electronics of this build.

I started with connecting my power switch, fuse holder, transformer, and the bridge diode to the power cord. After soldering the connections I used shrink tube to insulate them where possible.

Next I started mounting my capacitors to a protoboard and running all my wires to the various components to get the main circuit connected.


Before I went any further, I wanted to know that the power supply was working so I plugged it in. To my surprise nothing was working so I quickly unplugged it and started tracing my wires. After checking all the wires I remembered that the transformer that I used for this project has 2 secondary outputs with 2 wires each. My mistake was that I connected 1 wire from one secondary output and another wire from the other secondary output. I quickly remedied this by connecting the proper secondary output wires, and after plugging it in I had visual output of 2.9Volts.

To test the power supply, I had a series of old light bulbs that were soldered together so I connected them to the banana plug outputs to make sure they light up. I also connected a multimeter to check the voltage accuracy when turning the potentiometer to adjust the voltage, and to my surprise it was very close to my multimeter.

To see more updates on this build check out the Single Output Variable Power Supply page.

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