Single Output Variable Power Supply – Build Part 5

In my part 5 of my Single Output Variable Power Supply build, I did some more wood working, painted my box and mounted my front panel components.

I first started with printing the front panel layout on paper, attaching it to the front panel piece of wood and then drilling all the holes for my switches, fuse holder, LED lights, etc… After drilling all the holes in the front panel I started with painting the box.


After the first coat of paint the wood grain was very prominent on the front panel, so I redid a new one out of 1/4″ particle board and repainted the whole box again. After the 2nd coat of paint, the box looked very rough so I sanded it down and repainted it a few more times to get the surface I wanted.


Next, I removed the left panel and started mounting my front panel switches, banana plug sockets, fuse holder, potentiometer and the voltage gauge.


I added some rubber feet on the bottom of the box and then drilled a hole for the power cord to come out of the bottom.

This step took longer then I expected but I learned a lot about how to handle wood and how it reacts to paint. If your trying to get a smooth surface out of wood always sand it after your first coat of paint.

To see more updates on this build check out the Single Output Variable Power Supply page.

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