Single Output Variable Power Supply – Build Part 3

Today I had more time to work on my power supply project so I started building the enclosure. I decided to build it out of wood as wood is easy to shape and is fairly cheap. In designing this power supply I decided to make the front face slightly slanted backward so its easier to see the voltage meter and access the banana plug terminals.

One thing I did learn during the process of building the enclosure, is that when working with wood its advisable to wear glows as wood splinters can be an issue.


In the above picture I was mocking up the sides and trying to figure out which side of the case I wanted to mount the transformer.

I eventually mounted the transformer on the right side, as this is the best place for wiring and weight distribution. The next step will be to figure out the front panel layout and then to drill the holes out for the banana plug terminals, switch, power light, potentiometer and LED voltage meter.


To see more updates on this build check out the Single Output Variable Power Supply page.
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