Single Output Variable Power Supply – Build Part 1

Today I was looking at testing out my 3mm LED’s for my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone, when I realized that the LED’s run on different voltages. So to test them out I will need a variable voltage power supply, and since I don’t have one the idea of building one popped in my head.

Now I know that I have my Multi Voltage Variable Power Supply still in the works, but till that one is done I want to build something in the mean time that I can use.

I believe that I have most of the parts for this build already and the few that I don’t have I can purchase. Just to get this project started quickly I went through my parts drawers and pulled out all the parts that I have, that I can use for this build. I will draw up a schematic for the exact part list, but for now I just wanted to spark this project into play.

As you can see above I have a transformer, terminal posts, a potentiometer, rectifier bridge, a voltage gauge, a couple switches, a resistor, fuse holder, and some capacitors. I will also use an LM317 regulator to give me the variable voltage output, which I will need to purchase. The exact parts list will be posted as soon as I create it.

The main idea of this project is to build something fast so I can get going on my other projects.

To see more updates on this build check out the Single Output Variable Power Supply page.
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