New Electronic Components for Future Projects

I needed some extra electronic parts for my Single Output Variable Power Supply project, so last weekend I went with my Dad to RP Electronics and picked up some parts.

The list of parts I picked are as follows: 1 electrolytic capacitor pack, 1 ceramic capacitor pack, 2 mini breadboards, 5 power cord sockets, a Bag of 5W LEDs, a box of plastic standoffs, TO-3 transistor Mica insulators, power cord grommets, LM317 and LM338 regulators, a single fuse holder, soldering flux, mini test clips, 2 sets of potentiometer knobs, 5K potentiometers, orange LED’s, a bag of ten 5V regulators and a set of fuse holders. All these parts will feed my power supply project and lots of other projects in the future as well.



Now that I have all the parts that I need for my Single Output Variable Power Supply project, I should be able to finish it off very soon and post up some updates. So stay tuned.


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