My Top 5 RC Cars and Trucks While Growing Up

Today is a blast from my past with my Top 5 favorite RC Cars and Trucks that I had while growing up. One thing you’ll notice right away is like like painting my RC toys blue. 🙂

1) Kyosho Dodge Ram Nitro – This was the first nitro truck that I got to lay my hands on and it was a great experience. It was very advanced for what it could do but at the same time kinda wonky. It had a Nitro engine to propel the truck forward but it did not have any brakes. When you hit the brake/reverse trigger on my remote control, it made the servo switch the transmission to the reverse position and then it locked up the wheels. Then if it didn’t flip the truck end over it started going backwards. The best memory I have of this truck is racing it in a large circle and watch my dogs chase it around the yard.


2) HPI RS4 Pro 3 Electric – This was my favorite on-road car as it was fast and it looked great. Back in the early 2000’s, I use to race this with a bunch of friends at a local hobby shop for fun. I do miss those days as it as so much fun to hang out, race RC Cars and just enjoy the hobby.


3) HPI RS4 3 RTR Nitro – After getting use to my electric HPI RS4, I decided to jump into Nitro again with this amazing beast that use to purr going down the road and put a smile on my face ear to ear. Besides the smell of the nitro this car was actually pretty cool, it was great for parking lot racing and just ripping around for fun.


4) HPI Savage 21 Nitro – My Savage 21 was my favorite RC I ever owned. I wrenched on this truck so often that I knew this truck inside out,  better then HPI them selves. I eventually upgraded the .21 engine to a .25 and then to a .26 before I sold it. It was great to hear it zoom down the gravel field, but eventually it started annoying people so I stopped playing it and then it just sat before I sold it.


5) Extreme Savage Concept Nitro – This was my own creation from a broken down HPI Savage 21 and a bunch of aluminum and hard work. My original Idea was to build an electric robot but after getting it running on an electric motor it was too slow for me so I upgraded it to Nitro so I could rip up some dirt!

It took me 7 weeks to build it but well worth it as this thing could handle anything I through at it and more, and being longer and lower then my HPI Savage 21 it could handle sharp turns better. It was a damn fine truck till I got bored of nitro and used it for parts to build another Savage and eventually sold it.


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