Appreciation For My Blogs Success

Today’s blog post is going to be more like food for thought then the usual Build/Make/Paint or Product Unboxing, as I need to share something.

Success in any endeavor will always have it’s up and downs, but the constant focus and determination of pressing on is what’s going to lead you to great success!

I’ve been working on this blog for 52 days now and everyday it’s getting better and better, but today I pause to reflect on what I have accomplished in just under 2 months. I have written 56 Posts, 33 Pages, and created 20 YouTube videos. I have 176 Twitter followers, 57 Instagram followers and 6 YouTube Subscribers. For some those numbers might be small, but for me it’s just the beginning and the right step towards success.

I have so many other ideas of things to build, make and share which will be posted in the coming days, weeks and months. So for other builders and makers there will be more content for you to enjoy and get inspired to create something of your own and have fun.

So today I want to show my appreciation, of having the creative ability and determination to make a place that will help other creative builders and makers to become GREAT!

I DO BELIEVE that I have found what I love to do, and now I have a place to share it.

The Place Where Creativity Flows!

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