Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone – Build Part 4

We setup a Warhammer 40k painting session at my brothers house today, so I started painting my Tyranids for my Warhammer 40k Mini Battlezone. After a few searches on the Internet I decided to go with a Ushabti Bone(Bleached Bone) and Evil Sunz Scarlet(Blood Red) color scheme.

As you can see below my Tyranids are far from being done but while laying down the first few layers of paint, I snapped some pictures.

Above are three of my Tyranids with the painting just getting started.

On this Tyranid you can see Ushabti Bone is pretty much done except around the face. The Evil Sunz Scarlet(Blood Red) is also pretty much done as well.

Here are three of my Tyranids with the base paint mainly done, next time will come the washes and the highlights.

To see more updates on this build check out my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone Page
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