Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone – Build Part 2

Today I organized my Space Marines and the Tyranids, that will be battling it out in my Warhammer 40k Mini Battlezone. I still have a lots of painting to do but now I know how many miniatures are going to be in this battle.

My Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone will consist of 12 Space Marines and 14 Tyranids wtih 4 Spore Mines. I will also add in my Space Marine Commander to give the Space Marines a great leader to follow in this epic battle. He’s not in the pictures below but will get added to the battle soon enough.


On the left are the 12 Space Marines and on the right are are 14 Tyranids wtih 4 Spore Mines.


As you can see the Space Marines are about 60% painted, so they should be finished up pretty soon.


The Tyranids on the other hand, still need a lot of work to be ready for the Mini Battlezone. In the back row I used a few of them to try out different colors schemes but those will be stripped down and repainted with a new color scheme.

To see more updates on this build check out my Warhammer 40K Mini Battlezone Page

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