Raspberry Pi First Impressions

Two years ago I purchased a Raspberry Pi Version B but I got side tracked with some other projects so it sat in a box. But today I decided to pull the Raspberry Pi out of the box and start playing with it.

The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer board that can run Linux operating systems and one of them being Raspbian. The reason I want to get my Raspberry Pi running is I want to dedicate my Raspberry Pi to my Twitter TweetDeck. I often restart my computer or close all my programs but once my TweetDeck is setup on my Raspberry Pi it can run all the time.

So my first impression of the main board is that its small. The size is 3-5/16″ x 2-1/4″ x 6/8″ which is very close to a credit card but packed full of goodies. As you can see there is an HDMI port, Micro USB for Power, GPIO Headers, Network Plug, 2 USB Ports, SD Slot, and Composite Video and Audio connectors. I believe this version B is set to run at 700Mhz and has 512MB of RAM.


After downloading the Raspbian operating system to my main computer, I copied it to my SD card and started up the Raspberry Pi. Within 10 minutes I was loaded up into the Raspbian GUI interface. At first the resolution was a bit small but then I figured out that you can’t run an HDMI to DVI plug converted to a monitor as it does not detect the monitor resolution properly. You can make this work but you have to mess with some operating system files so instead I just plugged my Raspberry Pi into a monitor with a true HDMI Port.

While browsing  the web I also noticed that the speed of the 700Mhz CPU was not adequate for fast browsing, at least to my standard, its very laggy and was maxed out at 100% CPU most of the time.

I think the Raspberry Pi is a great board for hobbyists for very low CPU usage applications, but not as a main stream computer, its just not fast enough. So for now I’m going to have to find another solution to my Twitter Tweetdeck. I know there is a newer version of the Raspberry Pi that is suppose to be 4-6 times faster so that might be something to consider.

You can download the latest operating systems at Raspberry Pi’s website www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

Link to Share bit.ly/1JBVEmr


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