New Power Supply Idea with Multiple Voltage Outputs

My new power supply idea is to build a power supply that has multiple constant voltage outputs, a variable voltage output and 4-6 USB charging ports.

The voltage outputs that I want the power supply to have are 3.3v, 5v, 6v, 9v, and 12v for constant voltages, and then a 1.2v to 18v variable output, plus the 5V USB outputs as well. I want this power supply to have really good cooling, and an LCD up front to show the status of the variable voltage output and internal temperature.

Each individual voltage output will have banana plug sockets for connecting any projects or circuits and will be switched on and off using a toggle switch.

The idea of this project is to learn how to engineer as much of the power supply by hand as needed, as I don’t really want to fork out $300-500 for a similar power supply. I also get to learn lots of new concepts while building this awesome project, so I’m excited to get started soon.


I created a webpage on my blog to keep track of the progress of this project, which you can follow up on using this link

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