How to Get Free Electronic Parts For Your Projects

How to get free electronic parts to build your projects is something most electronic hobbyists seek very often. Building new projects can sometimes get very costly but there is a solution to this challenge.

Some examples of the parts that you might need are lights, motors, switches, potentiometers, gears, knobs, wires, etc… But did you know that almost every electronic device in your home can be salvaged for at least one of these parts? Now before you start tearing down your 50″ LCD TV or your parents alarm clock, you do have to know what your looking for and where to look.

First of all, most newer devices like phones, tablets and even LCD TV’s have a lot of microchips and surface mount technology that might be challenging to scavenge any useful parts so you have to look at other devices. And if you just purchased a new computer or Playstation 4 your not going to break those apart so I suggest you take a look at whats in your basement or garage first.

All the older electronics devices like VCR’s, tape players, CD players, computer power supplies and so on are full of switches, wires, capacitors, motors, LED lights and more, so these are a gold mine for parts.

If you don’t have any spare old electronic equipment at home you can ask you friends or neighbors as they might have something laying around. You can check by dumpsters or even recycling depots as a lot of people will drop these off when recycling their cardboard so there is usually an ample amount to choose from. My only suggestion is stay way from microwaves and old TUBE TV’s as they can be dangerous.

Last month I took apart my brothers old broken stereo amplifier and a couple old inkjet printers and filled up this plastic bin full of circuit boards, switches, resistors, capacitors, motors, knobs, LEDs and more. So you see it just takes a bit of time and you can get a lot of parts for free. And while taking that old junky stereo of their hands both you and them get a benefit, you get parts they get a cleaner basement.

You can also put out an ad on Craigslist or your local paper that you will pickup these items and then soon enough you have more parts then you know what to do with. The last tip I will give you is go through your parts every so often and anything that is just plain junk or broken get rid of it as you never know you might find the next gold mine in your uncles shed and now you need more room to store it.

Happy hunting for your electronic parts and have some fun!


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