How to Clean Your Hobby Room or Workshop in 5 Easy Steps

Today I decided to clean up my hobby room, as I was starting to trip over boxes and things were getting lost. So to clean up my room I used these 5 easy steps:


Step 1 – Remove any obvious garbage or boxes that you do not need in your hobby room or workshop to clean up any bulk items.

Step 2 – Next start by first doing bulk organization, move any obvious items into their approximate location, and leave them there for later.

Step 3 – Once the majority of the items are in their approximate location, start going through each item and properly organize it as needed.

Step 4 – After everything is put into it’s own place, start by wiping down any surfaces like desks or shelves with Windex or a cleaning product to remove any dust or small debris.

Step 5 – The last step is to sweep or vacuum the floor to finish of cleaning your hobby room or workshop.


Usually the more fun you have with your hobby’s the bigger the mess will get once again, so keep these 5 simple steps handy and you’ll be a happier hobbyist.

And lastly, below are some pictures of my hobby room. Its clean and organized ready for me to get started again with more fun stuff.


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